girl in black and white long sleeve shirt sitting on black wheelchair

The NDIS Mess Is Made By Bureaucrats

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There is talk of the huge cost to Australians of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS mess is made by bureaucrats. A worthy idea at heart the NDIS has been overloaded with many unnecessary protocols. The fact that individuals on the scheme with lifelong conditions are made to front an annual review panel to prove their disability is the perfect example of this. Who benefits from this? The bureaucrats involved, of course, they create employment and working hours for themselves to conduct these unnecessary reviews. Someone who is blind from birth is not going to suddenly see – no matter your religious beliefs about whether miracles exist. A quadriplegic or paraplegic should not have to prove their status every year. This is red tape wastage that makes the NDIS much more expensive than it need be.

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