Content marketing makes the world go around! Yes, we all share the good stuff with each other for the benefit of all of us.

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We Create Content

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best online content, copy, and information. Digital copywriting is our schtick. Please reach out if you want to know more! Dear Wordsters... We live in a world where words matter. Content marketing is the helping hand for the 21C. The digital revolution has meant that we all expect more in terms of style and content. Everyone has a website for business and/or pleasure. Telling your story is essential to attracting notice in a crowded marketplace. We craft the right words for web for our clients.

Content Marketing Matters

Our lives are chock full of advertisements in all forms of media. Attention spans are stretched to take it all in. Getting the message across is more important than ever before. If you want to optimise your effective communication via the web and social media, we have the expertise to make it happen. Content marketing and SEO are the basic building blocks of the modern age in business. We can help you thrive in a busy space with the right words assembled in the right manner.

The Words for Web service can assist you in breaking down your business model to its essential parts, so that this can be conveyed to your market. Analysing the core elements of what you do will unlock effective content marketing and deliver results. Discovering keyword searches and the best numbers to produce sales and healthy returns on your investment is what we do.

content marketing matters more than anything else in the 21C.

Words for Web

SEO & Social Media

The latest research data shows that we are all becoming more impatient to source the desired information. Everyone is skimming and speed reading online to cut to the chase. That first five seconds of page load time impacts substantially on conversion rates for landing pages. Make sure the nuts and bolts of your website work fast and effectively for best results. Nobody ever won a race by coming second.

Text is the Foundation of Search

Text will always be the foundation of search, which means the descriptive copy around your products and services is of paramount importance. Words matter on the web. Keyword searches are the bread and butter of SEO and organic content marketing. Landing pages have the highest conversion signup rates according to 2021 research data, whilst popups have the second lowest rate of conversion via signup.

SEO Data in 2021

SEO delivers around 1000% more traffic than social media, according to 2021 marketing statistical data. Some 49% of responders state that they use Google to find out about new products or services. Since 2019 mobile phones have accounted for around half of all global web traffic. Folks are searching on the go with devices in hand, typing in those keyword searches to find the stuff they are seeking. Content marketing is the only game in town if you are after a sustainable means of growing your business.

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All successful salespeople develop an incisive spiel and patter based on their experience in the field. Your website copy is that pitch, which means every word must be true and placed in the correct order. A script is only effective if it is exactly arranged. We are wordsmiths and masters of the Midas touch, when it comes to copy writing. We turn words into gold, spiel into geld. Words for Web will create content for you designed to generate traffic and sales. Hi Wordsters….

Alas, there is no place for the silent type on the web, those who are better with their actions than talking up a storm. Leave your laconic tendencies at home. Computers and the digital age are all about filing stuff via categorisation. Every product and service needs to be described and defined in order for the search engine algorithms to find them. Text is the basis for all keyword searches. The digital revolution demands constant updated definitions delivered online for best results. Words for web can help you post the most appealing content specifically designed for your site. Good copy generates sales and traffic. Fresh content attracts the attention of search engines that are tasked with delivering the most up to date search results for clients. This is the name of the game business plays in the 21C.

understanding content marketing is the name of the game.

When Words Really Matter – Words for Web

What is Content Marketing?

Marketing used to be a dirty word back in the day, Now, everyone is doing it. What is content marketing? Well, content marketing is all about adding value via utility. Ensuring that the actual content on the pages of your website are providing useful information to your potential customers reading it. The utility of the content in your site will attract viewers due to its relevance and acuity. Your site will become a trusted source and this can drive positive customer action in response. The days of telling lies to make sales are over, which is why this kind of marketing is no longer a dirty word. You cannot fake it in the long run. The content on your site must be truly valuable and this only comes about through research. This is where we come in! Words for Web provides authoritative content based on thorough research.

content marketing targets your market effectively to attract more business.

Rigorous Research Targets the Right Market

SEO companies that serve up content written for peanuts by outsourced ESL operatives in developing countries are doing you a disservice. You may think you are saving money but it will cost you in the long run. Google ranks content on a number of different elements and quality of information is a big one. Did you know that Google was founded by the children of academics and that much of their page ranking is based on similar premises to those employed in academia? Plagiarism, poor copies, copying and pasting, bad grammar, and incompetently written content carry the marks of failure in the SEO realm. This kind of content marketing will not be rewarded with page one status in searches on Google. Fine writing is not an elitist anachronism but a basic expectation in 2021. To Whom It May Concern……

Really good content marketing can deliver enhanced brand loyalty. Consumers often honour those who bestow the truth upon their search for information. In any relationship most of us wish to be dealt with in an honest and straight forward manner. What you post on your website can assist you in making firm friends and loyal customers. In the Age of Information, we all value getting hold of the good oil on a topic of importance. Weasel words are no longer welcome on the world wide web. Ensure that your site and business are not associated with any suspicion in this regard. Content marketing provides a valuable service for those interested in the information surrounding the relevant topic.

Some More Facts & Figures

  • 70% of marketers do content marketing
  • Some 78% of companies employ a content marketing specialist
  • 77% of companies declare a content marketing strategy
  • 94% use social media to disseminate their content
  • 24% are planning on increasing their spend on content marketing

Our Content Writing

Our website copywriters produce authoritative content, which engender responses from target markets and search engine spiders. The internet is a fast paced realm where uninspiring content draws blanks and gets left behind. You have around 15 seconds to make a good impression and have a chance to get to second base. You might be running the best service in the world but if your copy sucks no one will give you the time of day online. Words for Web will put your best foot forward in the guise of great content. Websites are windows into the souls of their owners. Is your site providing you with the very best representation? Do the words spell out your unique point of difference in a crowded marketplace? If not, we can assist.

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