developing content strategy

By Words for Web

Developing a Content Strategy

It all begins with developing a content strategy based on your business model. Who is your market and what are they looking for? Refining your understanding of the keyword searches utilised by your potential clients. Remembering that content marketing provides added value to your market in terms of answering their queries and concerns. Your online content must establish your site as an authority within the relevant field. This is where the research and the development of your content becomes integral to the successful application of your marketing strategy. Slap dash stuff posted online will not cut it today. Rather it requires professional textual communication designed to achieve your overall stated aims. Good copy delivers audience appreciation and results in the beginnings of a relationship, which may embed brand loyalty and ROI via sales.

Tailored Services & Packages

At Words for Web our services and packages are tailored to your individual requirements. Your business, your digital presence, are unique to your particular current situation. There are a variety of levers, which may be applicable to you or not. Organic SEO, social media management, and their required content marketing strategies. Onsite and offsite SEO. Page performance and page quality analysis. Backlinks and listings. Online community involvement. As you can see there are a number of levers to pull to optimise your site’s performance and that of your digital marketing strategy.

Text is the Basis of the Search Function

Remember that text is the basis of the search function on the world wide web. Google delivers page rankings on the basis of keyword searches for relevant, high quality text on websites. The whole internet may be a mystery to you, or you may think that you know a thing or two about how it all works. Whatever your level of interest and expertise, Words for Web can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Our services are a bit like love and relationships – there are many different kinds and levels. You may simply want some first rate content researched and written for your onsite SEO requirements – we can do that. We are happy to discuss the finer points around this request with you and quote a price upon this basis.

We recommend something a bit more serious, however, for a more fulfilling and successful result. The more you commit to an ongoing content marketing strategy, via us, the greater and the more enduring the impact will be for your business. Organic SEO is like real love, the more you put into it the more you get out of it in return. Developing a content marketing strategy will put you ahead of the game.