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Words for Web has been writing ‘on the money’ copy for websites for more than two decades. Our content marketing beginnings coincided with the advent of the Internet. The thing about Words for Web is our love of this industry. Our content marketing journey started in the print industry with magazines and publishing. We soon saw the writing on the wall and fully immersed ourselves in the digital pool. The ephemeral nature of the world wide web flickering on the screen of a boxy desktop captured our hearts. The interactive element of hyperlinked content provided a Plato in the cave moment. Many of our magazine clients at the time could not see the new reality and were chained to their faith in the hard copy. Marketing and advertising was for them something that you could hold in your hands and touch. The limitations, in terms of reach, of this old format remained sensually gratifying for these folks. It took years for the digital marketing world to swallow whole these long time print advertisers. The laggards became converts and joined a fast paced realm.

Of course, they always wanted editorial and we would write their copy for them. Pretty soon we were doing the content for their new websites.

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The evolution of websites and the world wide web has been nothing short of gobsmacking. Remember the webmaster and the hoops you had to jump through to get a site up and running? Now, things are much easier and the incredible range of themes and brilliant CMS like WordPress are amazing. What you should know about Words for Web is that we love what we do.

SEO and content marketing are our main services but we can assemble sites, manage social media, and provide the full gamut of digital marketing requirements.

Tom Weston

We look after all sorts of clients both big and small in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and many other places in-between. Words for Web takes great pride in what we do and the content we create for you. We believe the world wide web is a space for excellence and not a grab bag of second raters. If our kids are going to do most of their reading online let us make it full of things worth reading. The internet for many is a shadowy place where they slide around in anonymity, some involved in fraudulent activity. There are trolls and scammers looking to take things away from individuals and their profiles. There is good and bad in the garden. Words for Web walks the line and waves the banner for the true and compassionate of heart amid the muckrakers of ecommerce .

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Robert Prem – CEO Words for Web