Robert Sudha Hamilton

Reference Letter from Hannibal Lecter for Robert Sudha Hamilton

To Whom It May Concern,

The first thing that Sudha asked me, was, if I had been named after the famous Hannibal Barca, who led his Carthaginian forces over the Alps to defeat the Romans? I knew from this that there was something of the historian about my new copywriter. Taste is important in all things, in my view, having a body of knowledge upon which to base one’s judgements is, therefore, essential. The flavour of things can only be accurately construed if one has something to compare it to.

Sudha’s body of work on my behalf, creating my psychiatry practice website, was fulfilled with an economical expediency. Indeed, I would say it was completed with an elegant sufficiency in all regards. It captured some of my ‘saveur’. Each word seems to have been chosen with an understanding of its relationship to my essential ‘fames’. I see life very much like a menu in a restaurant, in that there is always something worth tasting if you dig deep enough.

I would recommend the services of Sudha to any perceptive individual in need of a wordsmith capable of unlocking the pantry door to the rich goodies that lie within. He, like me, is attuned to the heartbeat beneath the skin. He, like me, hungers for the essential ingredients beneath the boring banalities of most people’s lives. We live in a primitive time, don’t we? Neither savage nor wise. Perhaps, half measures are the curse of it. My passing gift via this letter of reference is to assure any prospective client that there will be no half measures with Sudha.

In anticipation,

Dr Hannibal Lecter

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