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Principal Of Privileged Private School Falls On Sword

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, well, they used to anyway. In this case, Sampson was brought down by the ABC’s Four Corners. The Cranbrook Headmaster was undone by the revelations exposed by the national broadcaster’s flagship current affair program. Protecting paedophiles and a teacher bragging about looking up student’s dresses at a former school were, in the end, too much for the board of trustees. They had toughed out the many complaints by female teachers about their treatment by male staff and students at the exclusive private boy’s school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Principal of privileged private school falls on sword in resignation at bad form exposed over decades.

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A Trend Toward A Concern For Individual Freedoms

Since the global pandemic we have seen a trend toward a concern for individual freedoms. This is no surprise after the lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and heavier government controls. However, these social health policies were necessary and will be again if and when another virus emerges. I am reminded of times of war when governments are forced to curtail public freedoms and demand much more from their citizens. Do not fall for those promising some sovereign citizen nirvana because such things do not exist in reality. The world is not all about you or me, we are all a part of communities, whether we like it or not. Populations are rising and this by its very nature means more rules to govern the many.

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Liberal Party Plays Politics With Aboriginal Voice & Reconciliation

The Liberal Party under the leadership of Peter Dutton has moved further right into irrelevance in Australia. This is the party that has played politics over climate change for the last 15 years and bogged Australia into the slow lane on this existential crisis facing humanity. Now, the Liberal Party plays politics with Aboriginal Voice and reconciliation. It is a dreadful shame that our nation cannot move forward on something so important united on the political front. The Coalition parties, Nationals and Liberals, were never going to get on board this momentous recognition of our Indigenous brothers and sisters, as they represent the hard right racist minority within Australia.

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Pezzullo Pissing In Political Pockets

Michael Pezzullo, according to 60 Minutes, has been revealed as a Machiavellian character operating inside the halls of power in Canberra. Pezzullo pissing in political pockets in search of influence is operating well outside the remit of a member of the public service. The expose by Nine Fairfax investigative reporters shows him to be a right wing power broker rather than an apolitical appointment. The Home Affairs Secretary in his clandestine relationship with Liberal Party insider Scott Briggs has crossed the line repeatedly and consistently over many years. The trove of once encrypted messages now revealed should ring the death knell for his career.

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An Age Defined Economically

Supposedly we live in an age defined economically, where the dollar worth of everything matters most. Why then are our politicians and their strategists forever focusing attention upon cultural stuff? The war on woke, the attacks on LGBTQI folk, and the endless anti-elite ethos. Every politician and political party wants to stand with the ordinary voter, apparently. Finger pointing at those categorised as elite reinvokes the old class warfare it seems. We the people vs those individuals too superior to represent our interests. These are all manipulations and part and parcel of the politics of grievance.

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America’s Orange Jesus Has Clay Feet

The expression feet of clay is meant to indicate the flawed earthly nature of man. Donald J Trump has always been a most unlikely candidate for saviour and champion of any group. White America and Christian Nationalists have got behind the former president as their guy they are hoping to put back in the White House. Trump is facing multiple criminal and civil indictments in courts across the country. Only the most partisan and cultish among his supporters could fail to recognise the writing on the wall when it comes to Trump’s likely fate. It tells us that America’s orange Jesus has clay feet.

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Surely It’s Time To Stop All Mergers!

In Australia, we live in one of the most concentrated corporate markets in the world. In every sector duopolies and oligopolies control markets to the detriment of competition and consumers. Surely it’s time to stop all  mergers. Mergers benefit companies and shareholders at the expense of the market. Productivity is not improved via this concentration of corporate control over markets. This can be observed via the evidence, as the concentration of market power into the hands of fewer businesses has accompanied years of falling productivity. If companies don’t need to compete for market share they do not innovate and improve productivity rates.

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In A Culture Of Complaint They Developed The Politics Of Grievance

America has made its bed and now it has to lie in it. A while ago, expert political strategists worked out that voters engage more fully with the democratic electoral system on an emotive level than a mere rational one. Therefore, they made negative attack ads which painted their candidate’s political opponents as demons. These campaign strategists formulated speeches and oped content full of emotive finger pointing about stuff upsetting sections of the electorate. In a culture of complaint they developed the politics of grievance. This has now culminated with presidential candidate Trump, who lights the bonfire of hate every time he opens his mouth to speak.

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Australia Wasting Its Money & Future On Housing Market

Australians spend most of their money and time buying and selling property to the tune of $400 billion every year. That is not making anything new or manufacturing useful things for the world. The Great Australian Dream is home ownership and that has become a very expensive obsession for most of us. What it does do is make our banks very rich and provides real estate agents and state governments with their fair share too. Australia wasting its money and future on housing market is a troubling indicator of where we are as a nation.

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American Movies Celebrating Guns

They say that you can tell a lot about a nation/culture by the kind of movies that comes out of that country. Well, American movies are by and large full of guns and really stupid characters doing dumb things. Films and popular culture are a mirror held up to that nation. No wonder democracy is reputedly on its last legs in the US of A. The greater mass of American movies are dire tripe. The screenplays of many of them must have been written by 13 year old’s with foetal alcohol syndrome (with apologies to 13 YO’s). The plot, characterisation, and dialogue are so putrid that turning them off is the only option. American movies celebrating guns says a lot about the culture. Amazon, as a streaming service, must have the worst selection of American films I have witnessed in a long time. Dumb and dumber must be their mission statement or cheap and cheaper perhaps.

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Trump Banned From Presidential Ballot In Colorado

The state supreme court in Colorado has declared Donald J Trump unfit to be on the ballot for the 2024 presidential race in that state. Many of us who have been following the Trump vs democracy saga would say – about bloody time! How can you have a candidate vying for the presidency who continually casts doubt upon the veracity of the electoral system? A man who promulgates ‘the big lie’ that he was robbed of victory in the 2020 election. This is despite numerous private and judicial enquiries into election fraud finding nothing that merits this erroneous belief. Even the investigator paid by Trump’s own legal team has come out and said he found nothing.

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The ABC Has Lost Its Way After A Decade Of Coalition Bullying

My late mother loved the ABC. She was a big fan of Philip Adams: and attended the Save Our ABC rallies back in the day. I wonder what she would make of the shallow rendition of the national broadcaster today. The ABC has lost its way after a decade of Coalition bullying. Budgets were slashed and repeated threats were made to the management about apparent bias. There was no bias, it was just the journalists and presenters standing up to the government and holding them accountable.

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Calling Out The Fear Mongers

The Murdoch’s News Corp is at it again in Australian politics, making news rather than reporting on it. Sky News Australia, that blatantly one eyed right wing tabloid TV channel, is hard at it beating up BS into inflammatory stories. Calling out the fear mongers. Liberal party cronies and ex-staffers bleat non-stop anti-Albanese malarkey. The Australian newspaper in concert with Newspoll declares major popularity slump for the ALP federal government. This strategy of polling to start anti-government waves of public sentiment has been a long standing one for News Corp. They can then run multiple stories across their platforms with headlines about midterm slumps. The rest of the corporate media picks up these stories and runs with them, including the now chastened ABC.