people standing on street during daytime

Australian Racism: Not Nice To Think About

4 mins 1 yr

In Australia, we like to tell people that we are not a racist nation. We are the whizz bang wonders of a multicultural society, after all. We judge things like racism by our own experience of such things. Coming from privileged, white backgrounds, our view of the world is rosy and she’ll be apples mate! Too much is made of this kind of thing. Hell, it doesn’t bother me! Nobody talks much about the concept of walking in another man or woman’s shoes. If you haven’t had shopkeepers and bystanders staring at you suspiciously. If you haven’t had women crossing the street to avoid your presence. If you haven’t experienced closed minds judging you when you apply for a job, a loan, or an even break – how the f*** would you know anything about racism in Australia, really.

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